My Role: Design Director, Art Director and Lead Animator

2017 was a big year for the Australian Open with a new rebrand, and I was glad to be part of it.

Working directly with Tennis Australia, we translated this new rebrand into a moving graphic package, including idents, opener, stings and LED.

The Australian Open is one of four annual tennis grand slams held globally, and this new visual languange was a move away from a common sports visual language to one that was more sports entertainment focused.

This montage below is a compilation of all of the work for this project, including some bits that didn't see the light of day at the Open. I had fun exploring this new rebrand and design directing on this graphic package.

Below are styleframes for the ident.

Below is the director's cut version of the ident. 

Below are examples of opener and stings (the opener is the director's cut version). 

I also got the chance to art direct the TV commercial, which you can see here. The below styleframes show the design development for the TVC.

All live action footage courtesy of Tennis Australia.  


Client: Tennis Australia

Head of production: Rob O'Gorman

Technical Manager: John O'neil

Creative Director: Rachel Goldsworthy

Producer: Xavier Muhlebach

Design Director/Art Director/Lead Animator: Sept Putra

Animation: Jason James

Sound Designer: Sean Holmberg

LED Production Coordinator: Brad Kelson

LED supervisor & Technical: Toby Harding 

Projection Artist for TVC: Kit Webster

Year: 2016