In 2013, I was approached by Fran Lambrick to join the team on her documentary film about deforestation and a dedicated Cambodian activist, Chut Wutty, who was shot dead at a military checkpoint by police.

"I am Chut Wutty" exposes the fierce battle against illegal logging in Cambodia.

Working closely with the director Fran Lambrick, I design directed key shots on the film to illustrate how Chut Wutty sadly died. I also worked on the opening credit title which you can see at the beginning of this page.

Below you can see a few animation shots from the film. 

Role: Design direction and Animation

Animation Credit list

Art direction: Septiawan Putra

Design/Illustration: Septiawan Putra, Carmen Angelillo

Animation: Johannes Sande, Septiawan Putra and Carmen Angelillo